Long Island Invitational Generates Energy Post-Hurricane Sandy

December 5, 2012
Huntington, NY

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The Long Island Invitational, in its 38th year, continues to feature some of the best platform tennis of the season. And with Live Scoring, visitors are able to keep up with the tournament results as they happen.

The women’s draw, in particular, was strong and tough to maneuver through. A few top national players were knocked out in the first or second rounds. Later, some of the best players had to retire in the midst of epic matches.

Roxy Enica and Liz Cruz snuck under the radar and started picking off tough teams, including Mary Doten and Chelsea Nusslock and Heather Prop and Lynne Schneebeck. Enica and Cruz made it to the quarterfinals, where they had to retire in a match against Liz Jaffe and Lisa Rudloff. In the semis, the same misfortune hit Jaffe and Rudloff, setting up the final against unseeded Kerri Delmonico and Sandra Birch-Krusos against Ana Brzova and Viki Stoklasova. The “Ovas” held strong but Delmonico and Birch-Krusos came out victorious, 6-4, 6-4.

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In a storied men’s final with see-saw scoring, Juan Martinez-Arraya and Jon Lubow stood strong, 7-6 (7-4), 7-6 (7-4), over Sebastian Bredberg and George Wilkinson. Time will tell if Arraya gets payback for hitting Wilkinson in the chest with a ball.

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Lawrence Garinger and Tom Kratky topped the16-team draw in the Men's B, winning 6-3, 6-4 over Charles Reilly and Pablo Sosa. Kratky continues to dominate the B tournaments in the area.

Thanks go to the chairman, Duane Hayden, and all of the volunteers who make this big tournament run so well.

Long Island Invitational is in its second year of Live Scoring. This year the tournament saw twice the traffic as last year, with over 1,200 visitors viewing nearly 10,000 pages. Most visitors came from the US, and a number from Canada, but there were also visitors from Slovakia, the UK, Macedonia, the Dominican Republic, France, Argentina and Mexico. There were also several unfortunate disruptions. Hurricane Sandy had taken out Huntington CC’s network and they were working with a new and not fully broken in network. The problems were overcome as quickly as possible. Thanks to all who visited Live Scoring.

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