Jennifer Demsey and Tina Lum Shine at New England Women's PCQ

Todd Hiscox
January 20, 2015
Hamilton, MA

With frigid temperatures moving into the single digits for morning play, it was yet again another true paddle test for our New England ladies. However, sunshine and minimal wind helped as the ladies showed no signs of giving into the elements. We would like to congratulate our finalist’s Kathleen Buckley and Amy Hutter, who had overcome fellow Weston teammates Carolyn McCoy and Paula Fazli in a close semifinal, winning 6-4 in the third set.

2015 NE PCQ Women's - 1a
Finalist’s: Kathleen Buckley/Amy Hutter       Winner’s: Jennifer Demsey/Tina Lum

2015 NE PCQ Women's - 2
Consolation Winner’s Finalist’s:
Holly Stowe/Ruthy Corcoran                    Winner’s: Hilary Meyers/Tracy Welling

2015 NE PCQ Women's - 3
Quarter Reprieve Winner’s:
Gretchen Biggs/Heather Maha                Finalist’s: Sarah Sherwood/Deirdre Clark

2015 NE PCQ Women's - 5
Consolation Reprieve
Winner’s: Erica Curtis/Christine McNamara       Finalist’s: Meg Myles/Alyce Dwyer

Our other semifinal match included an upcoming local team, Ellen Cook and Christie Domoracki, who tested the number one seeds, Tina Lum and Jennifer Demsey. This match proved to be another three-set thriller. We congratulate our winners for 2015, Demsey and Lum, who are both prominent Region II President Cup players. Both players should also be commended on not just their outstanding paddle skills but their fun, spirited attitude throughout the whole day. It was a true joy to watch them play; everyone in the paddle hut had their paddle notebooks out!

We are excited to contribute part of the tournament proceeds this year to The Depression Clinical and Research Program at Mass General Hospital in memory of Edward F. Dwight. Dwight was the brother of a fellow paddle player. She lost him to mental illness about this time last year. A special thank you goes out to Myopia Hunt Club member Sandra Duryea and the club’s members and staff for their support of this event.

Main Draw: Jennifer Demsey/Tina Lum def. Kathleen Buckley/Amy Hutter
Quarter Reprieve: Gretchen Biggs/Heather Mahan def. Deirdre Clark/Sarah Sherwood
Consolation: Hilary Meyers/Tracy Welling def. Ruthy Corcoran/Holly Stowe
Consolation Reprieve: Erica Curtis/Christine McNamara def. Alyce Dwyer/Meg Myles

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