Previous APTA Boards of Directors



L to R: Back Row Ben McKnight, Mandy Odenbach Newell, Anne Waldron, Demian Johnston, President of the Board Tiernan Cavanna, Executive Director Ann Sheedy, Sue Pijawka, Mark Holtschneider, Greg Morgan
Front Row: Laura James, Leslie Parsons, Peter Lauer
Missing: CEO Amin Khadduri, Jim Getgey, Nick Johnson, John McElhenny



L to R: Top Row - Peter Lauer, Demian Johnston, Gerri Viant, Isabel Cabanne (staff)
Second Row- Cam Lanphier, Mark Holtschneider, Tiernan Cavanna, Sue Pijawka
Third Row - Amin Khadduri (CEO), Leslie Parsons, John McElhenny, Jill Mark (staff)
Fourth Row - Greg Morgan, Jim Getgey, Nick Johnson, Pete Rose
Bottom Row- Debbie Scully (staff), Nindy Pike (staff), Ann Sheedy (Executive Director)


2019 Board Of Directors

Top Row: Demian Johnston, Jim Getgey, Mark Holtschneider, Justin Stanley, Gerri Viant
Middle Row: Max LePivert, Cam Lanphier, John McElhenny, CEO-Amin Khadduri, Mark Fischl
Bottom Row: Peter Lauer, Executive Director-Ann Sheedy, Patty Hogan, Pete Rose, President of the APTA Board-Tiernan Cavanna


2019 Board Of Directors

 L to R: Cam Lanphier, Bill O'Brien, Jim Ingle, Amin Khadduri, Patty Hogan, Max LePivert, Gerri Viant,
Whit Harwood, Executive Director Ann Sheedy, President Tiernan Cavanna, Chris Hays, Mark Holtschneider, Peter Lauer.

Not pictured: David Broderick, Mark Fischl, Anton Mavrin, Pete Rose, Justin Stanley


2018 Board Of Directors

Front Row: Mark Holtschneider, Dan Englander, Max Le Pivert, Executive Director Ann Sheedy, Bill O'Brien
Middle Row: Patty Hogan, Gerri Viant, Cam Lanphier, Tiernan Cavanna, Shannon Vinson, J. Stanley
Back Row: Pete Rose, Anton Mavrin, Mark Fischl, Mark Parsons, Whit Harwood, Scott Bondurant
Not Pictured: Dave Broderick, Ron Erskine, Jim Ingle


2017 Board of Directors

Front Row: Bill O'Brien, Shannon Vinson, Sara Lanthier, Gerri Viant, Executive Director Ann Sheedy, Patty Hogan(holding sign), Cam Lanphier, David Lee
Middle Row: Mark Fischl, Whit Harwood, Pete Rose, Jim Ingle, Dan Englander, Reb Speare, Dave Broderick
Back Row: Anton Mavrin, Scott Bondurant, J. Stanley, Ron Erskine, Mark Parsons,
Not Pictured: Freddy Goldenberg


2016-2017 APTA Board of Directors

Front Row: Gerri Viant, Cooey Lyon, Patty Hogan, Executive Director Ann Sheedy, Freddy Goldenberg, Cam Lanphier, Sara Lanthier, Writer/Editor Nindy Pike
Middle Row: Ron Erskine, Shannon Vinson, Scott Bondurant, Reb Speare, J. Stanley, Courtia Worth, IT Director Isabel Cabanne
Back Row: John Noble, Bill O'Brien, George Douaire, Mark Parsons, Ray Crosta, Pete Rose, Anton Mavrin
Not Pictured: Dan Englander, David Lee


2015-2016 APTA Board of Directors

Front row: J. Stanley, Cooey Lyon, Bill O'Brien, Scott Bondurant 
Middle row: Patty Hogan, Katie Bliss, Freddy Goldenberg, Shannon Vinson, Ann Sheedy (Executive Director)
Back row: Courtia Worth, Sara Lanthier, John Noble, Mark Parsons, George Douaire 
Missing: Ray Crosta, David Lee, Nathan LeFevre


2014 APTA Board of Directors

Front row: Sara Lanthier, Fritz Odenbach, Katie Bliss, Nathan LeFevre, Freddy Goldenberg
Middle row: Jim McCready, John Noble, Courtia Worth, Shannon Vinson, Rob Coster, George Douaire, Cooey Lyon, Bill O’Brien
Back row: Ray Crosta, David Lee, Aila Main, Ann Sheedy (Executive Director), Steve Caccam
Missing: Amy Halstead, Hendy Dayton


2013-2014 APTA Board of Directors 

(l-r) Front Row: Katie Bliss, Amy Halstead, Rob Coster, Executive Director Ann Sheedy, Nathan LeFevre, Courtia Worth
Middle Row: Freddy Goldenberg, Hendy Dayton, David Lee, Rich Green, Steve Caccam, Aila Main, Fritz Odenbach
Back Row: John Noble, Mark Kebe, Shannon Vinson, George Douaire, Sara Lanthier
Missing: Tim Mangan



Front Row: Tim Mangan, Rich Green, Peter Lauer, Aila Main, Amy Halstead, Rob Coster
Middle Row: Steve Caccam, George Douaire, Fritz Odenbach, Sara Lanthier, Hendy Dayton,
Executive Director Ann Sheedy, Tina Kelly, Courtia Worth
Back Row: John Noble, Mark Kebe, Katie Bliss


2011-2012 APTA Board of Directors(l-r)
Back Row:
Juan Martinez Arraya, Tim Mangan

4th Row:
John Noble, Mark Kebe, Tina Kelly, Fritz Odenbach

3rd Row:
Peter Lauer, Rich Green, Hendy Dayton, Katie Bliss

2nd Row:
Courtia Worth, Aila Main, Amy Halstead

Front Row:
Tom Safford, Ann Sheedy, Tim McAvoy

Not Pictured: George Douaire, Paul Wiggin






2010-2011 APTA Board of Directors

Peter Lauer
Paul Wiggin
Amy Halstead
Tom Safford
Aila Main, Treasurer
Bill O'Brien, Secretary
Juan Martinez Arraya
Hendy Dayton
Tim McAvoy, President
Katie Bliss
Rob Coster
Tim Mangan
Mark Kebe
Tina Kelly
Fritz Odenbach, Vice-President 

Not Pictured:
Ann Sheedy, Executive Director

Meet the 2010-11 APTA Board of Directors

Meet some of your directors as they discuss their passion for platform tennis and the initiatives they are spearheading in the year ahead. Watch the video


2009-10 APTA Board of Directors
Front Row (l-r):
Amy Halstead
Tina Kelly
Marina Ohlmuller
Tim Mangan, Region 1 President
Aila Main, Treasurer
Hendy Dayton, Region VI President
Paul Wiggin
Back Row (l-r):
Sally Cottingham
Todd Ward, Region IV President
Tim McAvoy, President
Rob Coster, Region II President
Bill O'Brien, Region V President
Fred Gumbinner, Region III President
Fritz Odenbach, Vice-President
Peter Lauer , Region VII President

Not Pictured:
Ann Sheedy, Executive Director


APTA Board 2008 May

Front Row (l-r):
Marina Ohlmuller
Nancy Budde - Region IV President
Tina Kelly
Tim Mangan
Beach Kuhl - Region VI President

Back Row (l-r):
Mark Fischl, President
Scott Bondurant, Vice President
Peter Lauer - Region VII President
Todd Ward
Sally Cottingham, Treasurer
Mike Cochrane - Region I President
Fred Gumbinner - Region III President
Paul Wiggin
Bill O'Brien - Region V President & APTA Secretary
Rob Coster - Region II President

Not Pictured:
Ann Sheedy, Executive Director

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