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MARCH 22, 2009

LIPTA Party Small




2009 Junior Nationals Photographs

2009 APTA Jr Nationals Group Composite

Photographers were busy at all the Junior Nationals venues and we have now finished uploading their pictictures for viewing, printing and downloading. All the photos are on Flickr at the apta.web.site account.

The APTA and the Junior Nationals tournament thank the volunteer photographers for their tremendous work!

Click here to open the Flickr collection of Junior Nationals photos.

They are arranged in sets by location and type (team, candid, action, etc.), Here are the things you can do with the photos:

  • When you click on the link you'll be on the collection page and will see thumbnails of each set.
  • Click once on a set to view it. You will go to a page with thumbnails of each photo in the set.
  • If you want to run a slide show of the set, click the slideshow link in the upper right.
  • To get to an individual photo, click on it. You will go to a page with a large image of the photo.
  • Use the "Order Prints" link above the photo to order prints.
  • Use the "All Sizes" link above the photo to see different sizes and download.
  • Questions about using Flickr to get or see these photos? Contact Isabel Cabanne at isabel.cabanne@platformtennis.org .

2009 Junior Nationals Video

George Hamiltion created an outstanding video of the Junior Paddle Rocks! party held at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center on Friday, January 30, 2009. Check it out.

Kid's Platform Tennis Day 2009

2009 Kids Platform Tennis Day  Screen Shot

FEBRUARY 3, 2009

LIPTA  Party LIPTA was proud to host the 2009 APTA Junior National Championships. Mark Brosnan - Tournament Director had a vision and plan for this tournament, and executed it to perfection. The tournament kicked off Friday evening January 30th at the brand new USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. The evening featured platform tennis clinics conducted by Long Island Professionals, the clinics, in addition to teaching, were great fun for all the kids who took part. Next were demonstration matches played by the 2008 Junior National Champions, followed by matches featuring Nationally ranked Men's and Women's Teams. Over 200 parents and children attended this event.

The Championships got underway on Saturday January 31st, with virtually every court on Long Island being used. 95 teams entered, with teams coming from as far as Pittsburgh, PA and Hamilton, Ma. LIPTA would like to thank all the volunteers, and there were many, without whom this event could not have been the success that it was. LIPTA would also like to thank the clubs and their members who so graciously made their courts available for this event. LIPTA would be remiss not to again recognize Mark Brosnan for the effort and dedication he put forth in making this event a success.

Worthy of mention is the fine etiquette and sportsmanship displayed by all players.

Our Newest National Champs!

Girls 10 & Under

Champions (seated)
Emily Dardis (Stamford, CT) and
Alexandra Shay (North Wilton,CT)

Finalists (standing)
Eliza Denious (Wilton, CT) and
Ramsay Everitt (Hamilton, MA)

2009 Junionr Nationals Girls 10

Boys 10 & Under

Champions (seated)
William Cannon (Fairfield, CT) and
Colby Gardner (Fairfield, CT)

Finalists (standing)
Sam Slobin (Fairfield, CT) and
James Bjorkman (Westport, CT)

2009 Junior Nationals Boys 10

Girls 12 & Under

Champions (seated)
Hannah Feeney (Summit, NJ) and
Audrey Randazzo (Summit, NJ)

Finalists (standing)
Courtney Brosnan (Short Hills, NJ) and
Kendall Codey (Summit, NJ)

2009 Junior Nationals Girls 12

Boys 12 & Under

Champions (seated)
Sam Loring (Englewood, NJ) and
Will Persson (Leonia, NJ)

Finalists (standing)
Luke Foreman (Westport, CT) and
Charlie Kottler (Fairfield, CT)

2009 Junior Nationals Boys 12

Girls 14 & Under

Champions (seated)
Stephanie Webster (Berwyn, PA) and
Jamie Jones (Berwyn, PA)

Finalists (standing)
Phoebe Wilks (New Canaan, CT) and
Ariana Ross (New Canaan, CT)

  2009 Junior Nationals Girls 14

Boys 14 & Under

Champions (seated)
Tyler Kratky (Greenwich, CT) and
C.J. Purse (Greenwich, CT)

Finalists (standing)
Gardner Tregellas (New Canaan, CT) and
Will Burger (New Canaan, CT)

2009 Junior Nationals Boys 14

Girls 18 & Under

Champions (seated)
Nicki Ross (Chatham, NJ) and
Corey Delaney (Chatham, NJ)

Finalists (standing)
Margaret Souther (Scarsdale, NY) and
Rachel Whitney (Scarsdale, NY)

2009 Junior Nationals Girls 18

Boys 18 & Under

Champions (seated)
Brian Safford (Malvern, PA) and
Scott Safford (Malvern, PA)

Finalists (standing)
Blake Anderson (Berkeley Heights, NJ) and
Cameron Rudd (Ridgewood, NJ)

2009 Junior Nationals Boys 18
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