Fishman wins Fifth Straight Junior National Title

March 4, 2017
Short Hills, NJ

Congratulations to Henry Fishman and Henry Decoster for their win yesterday in the 2017 APTA Junior Nationals Boys 18 and Under Division. With this win, Henry Fishman has now won five straight Junior Nationals Titles. Not only does Fishman own the most Junior National titles in junior boys' paddle history, he has never even lost a junior paddle match! Fishman, a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania, won his first four Junior National titles with Will Cannon. Congratulations also to Fishman’s longtime Coach, Scott Slobin, the Head Racquets Professional at The Patterson Club in Connecticut.


 2017 Junior Nats Boys 10  2017 Junior Nats Girls 10
Boys 10 & Under Girls 10 & Under
Winner: Michael Lorenzetti and Tyler Ramirez Winner: Hilary Knipe and Allie Stanislawczyk
Finalist: Charlie Landers and Cameron Ward Finalist: Emma Stanislawczyk and Fiona Haggerty
 2017 Junior Nats Boys 12  2017 Junior Nats Girls 12
Boys 12 & Under Girls 12 & Under
Winner: Charlie Sternberg and Hayden Fisher Winner: Anja Kearney and Hailey Rebak of Franklin Lakes
Finalist: Christian Stratis and Chris Ward Finalist: Claire Gordy and Lizzie Kuehndorf Westport CT
 2017 Junior Nats Boys 15  2017 Junior Nats Girls 15
Boys 15 & Under Girls 15 & Under
Winner: Tyler Cramer and Michael Karr Winner: Kelly Van Hoessen and Megan Murphy
Finalist: Luke Muse and Colin Wahl Finalist: Faith Ilgner and Caroline Schumacher
 2017 Junior Nats Boys 18  2017 Junior Nats Girls 18
Boys 18 & Under Girls 18 & Under
Winner: Henry Decoster and Henry Fishman Winner:  Hannah Bjorkman and Katherine Luttman
Finalist: Hayden Sharnsky and Jake Karetsky Finalist: Stephanie Maluso and Heather Ivans


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