2011 Jersey Shore Junior Open

JANUARY 18, 2011

The Jersey Shore Junior Open had a snowy afternoon of paddle on Saturday, January 8th, at Navesink Country Club and Sea Bright Lawn and Tennis Club. The event was a huge success with over 45 juniors competing. Thank you to the APTA and Viking for their support of the event.

Congratulations to the following champions and finalists:

Boys 10 & Under Champions: Coby Auslander and Joseph Rebak
Girls 10 & Under Champions: Cami Haarman and Tori Blundin Finalists: Gabby Andretta and Elizabeth Strambi
Boys 12 & Under Champions: Conor Kelly and Phil O’Brien Finalists: Ryan O’Connor and Finn Straine
Girls 12 & Under Champions: Katie Foos and Taylor Gibbens Finalists: Lexi Hickey and Abby DeJohn
Boys 14 & Under Champions: Liam Breen and Harry Colville Finalists: Jamie Macpherson and Will Elia
Girls 14 & Under Champions: Kendall Codey and Audrey Randazzo
Boys 18 & Under Champions: Jack Mara and Alex Morris Finalists: Brian Alter and Eric Hertz

2011 Jersey Shore Juniors

2011 Jersey Shore Juniors

Photos Courtesy of Nathan LeFevre


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