2011-2012 APTA Calendar Released

AUGUST 5, 2011

2011-2012 APTA CalendarThe 2011-2012 APTA Tournament Calendar is now available. Dates and details are subject to change, so you should always double check information as tournament dates approach. If you have any questions about a tournament, please contact the tournament director.

As we receive entry forms and additional information, we will post it.


This year we have added filtering capability to our calendar. You can filter on one or more types of tournament, as well as one or more regions; making it easy to find the events you are looking for.

As a result, we now have one calendar format, in lieu of the two (by Month and by Region) we had in past years. Note on printing: If you want to print a filtered list of tournaments, please use your browser's print option rather than the print icon that sits just below the main menu. The print icon will open a page with the entire calendar, not the filtered calendar.

Tournament Pages

As before, if the name of the tournament is a link, click on it to go to a page dedicated to that tournament. You will find additional details, if we have them, as well as results from previous years. 

Unscheduled or Not Held

We have also added a section, at the bottom, for events that are not being held or are unscheduled at this time. This gives you access to tournament pages for these events, where you can find additional details and/or previous results.

Tournament News

If you have news about a tournament, or if you are a tournament director and have entry or other information, please send it to Ann Sheedy at apta@platformtennis.org.

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