2012 APTA Annual Meeting & Election of Directors

Notice of Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the American Platform Tennis Association will be held at 6:30 on Friday, May 11, 2012 at the Weston Golf Club in Weston, MA, in order to (1) Elect Directors to serve for the term of three years (in accordance with the APTA By-Laws), and until their successors are elected and qualified, and (2) To act upon such matters as may properly come before the Board. A reception will follow the meeting.


Your APTA Board of Directors reorganizes each year following the Annual Meeting. Board Members are elected or re-elected by the members at this meeting. For those of you who cannot attend the meeting, we offer the opportunity to vote by proxy, following the instructions below.

At the May meeting we will see the retirement of Tim McAvoy, Tom Safford and Paul Wiggin. Proposed for re-election are Hendy Dayton, Amy Halstead, Aila Main and Fritz Odenbach. Proposed for election are Steve Caccam, Rob Coster and Sara Lanthier.

This group is charged with making decisions about the rules, regulations and finances of the APTA.

Please take time to vote.

2012 APTA Proxy

Mailed, emailed or faxed proxies must be received by Thursday, May 10, 2012.

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    Address: APTA, 109 Wesport Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15238

2012 Board Nominees

Steve Caccam
Steve Caccam

Steve was introduced to platform tennis in 2003 by four friends in New Canaan, Connecticut and learned to play on the town’s public courts in Waveny Park.  Once beyond the frustration of getting only one serve, he learned to embrace the many unique characteristics of the game, most of all the wonderful camaraderie. That first winter, he became truly obsessed with the game and collected e-mail addresses and telephone numbers of anyone with whom he could arrange a friendly game.  This core of this group eventually grew into what is now the New Canaan Men’s Paddle League, Inc., a league he formed with a couple of friends in 2004 and today numbers over 250 current players.

Steve was fortunate to have benefited from early tutelage and inspiration from Dave and Marina Ohlmuller, David Kjeldsen, Marjorie Hodson, and especially Mike Gillespie, from whom he learned the joy of teaching this wonderful game.  He was given the opportunity to expand his knowledge of the game working with Darlene Finnegan at the Beacon Hill Club in Summit, New Jersey, and Mark Parsons at Manursing Island Club in Rye, New York.

He was a Co-Director of the 2008 APTA Mixed Nationals and was the Tournament Director of the 2010 APTA Junior Nationals, both held in New Canaan.  He currently serves as a Director of the Fairfield County Platform Tennis League.

Steve lives in Darien, Connecticut with his incredibly supportive wife Ann and three children, Emily, Blair, and Paige, all of who enjoy playing on the town’s public courts at Weed Beach.

Rob Coster
Rob Coster

Rob Coster was introduced to the game of platform tennis as a high school student in his hometown of Wilton, CT. After a long hiatus from the sport, Rob picked up a paddle again after settling in Madison, CT. As Region 2 President for the past four years, Rob has taken a pro-active role encouraging the growth of the game, as well as keeping APTA members informed. He publishes an email newsletter and created a Region 2 Facebook group which has helped tournament directors increase participation in all events. He currently runs an 110+ men’s platform tennis group at the Essex Platform Tennis Club and previously served on the APTA Board. He and his wife Barbara live in Madison, and have three children who all enjoy playing.

Hendy Dayton
Hendy Dayton

Hendy Dayton was introduced to paddle as a young girl in Greenwich, CT.  Her grandfather, Clifford Couch, won the Men’s National Championships three times, including the first men’s title in 1935.  He was a finalist in four other men’s championships and was inducted into the APTA Hall of Fame in 1965.  The love of the sport was passed on through the generations and Hendy competed as a young girl in Greenwich and at the Junior Nationals in Pittsburgh.  She also played at Williams College and in New York on the wonderful skyline courts on 28th St.   Moving to California 20 years ago limited her paddle fun until she discovered the wonderful paddle community at the Lagunitas Club in Ross.  Since joining the club as a paddle member, Hendy has competed on numerous President Cup teams at the Nationals as well as in various other national tournaments.  Hendy joined the APTA Board in 2009 as President of Region VI and has been chairman of the Branding Committee.  When she is not playing paddle, Hendy is a Leadership and Executive Coach with the Boda Group.

Aila Main
Aila Main

Aila has been an avid player for over 10 years now and regularly plays both women's and mixed events.  Like so many in the game, she made the transition from the tennis court to the paddle court, and became hooked.  She and Kerri Delmonico won the Women's Nationals in 2005, as well as several other tournament titles over the years.  Aila is currently the National Women's Ranking Chair and head of the Women’s Player’s Committee.  She is thrilled to be involved in the paddle community, and looks forward to many more years on the court.  Aila lives in Manhattan with her daughter Sophie and dog Samantha.

Amy Halstead
Amy Halstead

Amy is a long time tennis player and was fortunate enough to discover the game of paddle and has played for the last seven years in the Chicago area.  As her passion for the sport evolved, she volunteered to be a facilitator in 2005 for the Chicago Platform Tennis Charities, her local league. In 2007, her tennis and paddle facility was closed, demolished and turned into a residential housing community.  The owner was kind enough to donate the three paddle courts to the local park district, Lake Bluff Park District.  With this generous donation, the Park District was willing to consider paddle but was apprehensive that the community would not support it.  So Amy decided to prove them otherwise by garnering a group of 85 committed players and getting all the necessary approvals to start a program and move the courts. They now have 150 members and hope to add a 4th court.

This experience led Amy to become involved with the APTA’s Paddle Growth Committee, assisting other public facilities that are interested in starting a paddle program, how to deal with government entities, how to get funding for paddle courts and a facility, and how to generate memberships.

Her work experience is in sales, sales training, marketing, and sales management.  She currently lives in Lake Bluff, IL, and when not playing paddle, she enjoys tennis, golf, co-ed softball and socializing with fun people.

Sara Lanthier
Sara Lanthier

Sara Lanthier grew up in various towns across Ontario, Canada.  She and her family started playing platform tennis in London, Ontario on a cement court.  She was ten years old.  Sara won various Canadian championships throughout her teens before leaving for Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova Scotia where she received her BA in History and English.

When she returned to Toronto, Sara took an active role with the now defunct Canadian Platform Tennis Association and was the tournament director of the Toronto Open, Canadian Open and Canadian Mixed Championships for many years.  Sara has been an active participant in Region IV tournaments and plays in the National Championships. She served on the APTA’s Web Site Committee and Marketing Committee for several years before taking a break from her duties to focus on raising her now four year-old son, Will.

Sara is a content producer and writer for a large Canadian radio broadcaster and is a contributing writer to a top Canadian mom’s website.  She and her son live in Toronto where he is practicing to become the 2030 US Nationals champion.

Fritz Odenbach
Fritz Odenbach

Fritz Odenbach started playing platform tennis with his dad and two brothers during his college breaks back in Rochester, NY, in the late 1970’s. The family battles were some of the most heated, toughest paddle matches ever to be played. His family got into the recreation business in 1978 by building Shadow Lake Golf and Racquet Club, which had to include paddle courts, of course. After buying two courts form Wellesley Platform Tennis Club outside of Boston and setting them up at Shadow Lake (a public facility), the rest is history. The growth of paddle in Rochester took off from that point on, now with a current number of 800 league players and 28 courts in the Rochester area, including five at Shadow Lake.

Fritz is a glutton for punishment by chairing four APTA Nationals and will also be chairing the 2015 Nationals, as well as 33 consecutive years of running the Shadow Lake Invitational each October. After 35 years of promoting and competing in platform tennis, he loves the game more than ever and wants to continue to help in the growth of this great game.

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