Start playing while it's still easy to get to the courts!

AUGUST 22, 2011

It might seem too early and too warm to start playing platform tennis, but at least you don't have to shovel your way through the snow to get to the courts.

It's the perfect time to shake the dust off your paddle bag, check the condition of your equipment, and think about some tune-up clinics and lessons with a PPTA pro. Look through the 2011-2012 APTA Tournament Calender to find the perfect events. Call your paddle buddies and rouse them out of their summer slumber. Game on!

l-r: Linda Friedlander, Beth Edgley, Sib Quayle and Debbie Neill

Thanks to Linda Friedlander, on the left, for sending us this great picture. Linda and her pals play in Lake Placid, NY, at Linda's court. Her group, The Cobble Paddle Tennis Association has almost 40 members, most with progeny who play.  They organized in the 1992-3 season.  Linda grew up in Scarsdale and her family (Ogilvy)  were members of the Fox Meadow Tennis Club where she was introduced to both tennis and paddle.  The long Lake Placid winter affords an 8-month paddle season!  With the third snowiest winter on record, they did not have to go to the health club to develop upper torso strength. They just grabbed shovels.

If you plan to be near Lake Placid, they welcome any paddle visitors and would be happy to set up games for you. Call 518-523-3749 and ask for Linda. "If a grouchy man answers, that's my husband John."

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