Paul Garvin and Mark Bronson Hit the Target at the Billy O Red Zone Tournament

Mary Doten
November 28, 2012
Hinsdale, IL

Forty teams participated in a Chicago Thanksgiving tradition, the “Billy O” Red Zone Tournament. In its sixth year, the tournament honors long-time paddle evangelist and organizer Bill O’Brien. Bill continues to bring many new players into the game and makes Hinsdale, Illinois, one of the most vibrant public paddle programs in the country.
The tournament featured three men’s draws and a women’s draw. It was played using the Red Zone format where a 2’x3’ red target is placed on the screen at the rear of the court and teams can win a point by hitting the target on the opponent’s screen. Thanks to Bertan Cikigil, who donated the official Red Zone targets this year.
All proceeds from the tournament went to Common Hope, an organization in Guatemala that helps families break the cycle of poverty by helping keep kids in school through High School. A number of Hinsdale paddle players have been active supporters of Common Hope for many years.

A Draw
Men’s A Draw Winners Paul Garvin and Mark Bronson with Runners Up Andrew Smith and Jeff Byrnes

Red Zone Women
Women's Winners

Red Zone C Champs
Men's C Draw Winners

Red Zone B Finalists
Men's B Draw Finalists


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