Growing the Game of Platform Tennis

Growth Committee 

The growth committees of the APTA assist local enthusiasts across the country (and world) in developing platform tennis programs and building courts.

Growth Committees  Clinics and Exhibitions   
  Grants and Loans  (see details below under Program & Court Building Assistance) 
  Juniors and College Development   
  Endowment and Fundraising  
  Corporate Sponsorship  

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Program & Court Building Assistance - Grants & Loans

Due to increasing demand for platform tennis, the APTA Grants and Loans Committee assists current and future markets in placing new courts in their areas.

Assistance can include grant money toward building courts, as well as written pieces covering “why paddle?,” financial justifications, technical specs, past proposals for club or park boards, past APTA grant proposals and informative histories of successful projects.

APTA Grant Proposal Guidelines 
Components to Proposal Evaluation
Post Award Requirements

Questions about 
grants & loans?
  Contact: John McElhenny
Commiittee Chair 


Slides courtesy of Total Platform Tennis
Committee members are available to the local facilities to assist in preliminary planning, financial planning and implementation strategies. Please visit the listings below for court and space planning thoughts, financial planning considerations and implementation suggestions.

An important component to this committee is to offer financial assistance to public access facilities in the form of Grants and/or Loans.

This assistance is to be the final piece of the financial strategy, without which the courts would not be possible. Since the program's inception in 2006, the APTA has awarded grants and loans to over 61 facilities around the country totaling more than one million dollars.

If you are a platform tennis enthusiast looking to add a court or multiple courts to your existing facility or if you are trying to bring the sport to your area, please contact us today for assistance. We are here to help you every step of the way and urge you to take advantage of these resources as the APTA carries out one of its major missions – Growing the Sport of platform tennis.

That’s right…all over the country! Not just in typical hotspots such as Chicago or the tri-state area, but in Charleston, South Carolina, Yellowstone in Wyoming, Richmond, Virginia, Boulder, Colorado, etc. And the numbers seem to grow every year. Full article on platform tennis growth


Facility & Program Development Resources

We urge you to take advantage of these resources as the APTA carries out one of its major missions – growing the sport!

Growth Committee Members
Project Planning Resources
Financial Planning Components (pdf)
Site Planning Considerations (pdf)
Sample Permit Information (pdf)
Sample Lighting Photometric (pdf)
Court Layout Information (pdf)
Sample Program Feasibility Study (xls)
Note: Technical documents are offered as samples only. Each installation is unique and each community has its own zoning and building codes. What is appropriate and legal in one installation may not be in another. Documents may also represent proprietary work product of the creator.
Sample Proposals from Grant & Loan Recipients
Kansas City, KA (pdf)
North Park, PA (pdf)
Municipal Proposal, Hinsdale, IL (doc)
Olde Providence Racquet Club, NC (pdf)
PR Materials
APTA Video
This video may be a helpful promotional aid to show VIPs who are new to the game.
Municipal Paddle Brochure (pdf)
This brochure includes facts, figures, history and guidelines for pitching a municipal platform tennis project. Although focused on municipal projects, it's quite helpful for any platform tennis facility project.
Tournament Support
Our tournament support library has draw sheets, detailed planning documents for
tournament directors, and lot more to help you out with your tournaments and events.

We are continuing to update and add to our resources, so please check back again.

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