2008-2009 Fox Meadow Junior Open Results

Viking Jr Tour Logo No YearNOVEMBER 23, 2008

Thanks to Viking Athletics for their sponsorship, and to Catherine Souther, Steve Schwab and the rest of the Fox Meadow crew for all of their work to make this a success.

Congratulations to:

10 & Under: Sam Slobin/Will Cannon (gold)
James Bjorkman/Daniel Myers (silver)
12 & Under Boys: Connor Daley/Alex Slobin (gold)
Austin Holmes/Bobby Ross (silver)
12 & Under Girls: Audrey Randazzo/Hannah Feeney (gold)
Tess Tregellas/Kaitlin Ball (silver)
14 & Under Boys: Tyler Kratky/CJ Purse (gold)
Gardner Tregellas/Will Burger (silver)
14 & Under Girls: Hannah Kratky/Isabel Lee (gold)
Hannah Reach/Phoebe Wilks (silver)
18 & Under Boys: Jake Zadik/Daniel Dewing-Holmes (gold)
Louis Croce/Zach Morris (silver) (4-6, 7-5, 7-5)
18 & Under Girls: Margaret Souther/Rachel Whitney (gold)
Kendall Kyritz/Samantha Johnson (silver)
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