2009 New Jersey Junior Open

JANUARY 25, 2009

Many thanks to Tournament Directors Rich Maier and John Milbank.

Congratulations to:

10 & Under Boys: Charlie Hoover/Daniel Myers (gold) and Sam Slobin/James Bjorkman (silver)
10 & Under Girls: Emily Dardis/Alexandra Shay (gold) and Courtney Snyder/Natalie Rechan
12 & Under Boys: Luke Forman/Charlie Kottler (gold) and Peter Daly/Nathan Bowyer (silver)
12 & Under Girls: Schuyler DeBree/Kate Fahey (gold) and Courtney Brosnan/Kendall Cody (silver)
14 & Under Boys: Willie Brosnan/Brian Heinze (gold) and Brian Alter/Eric Hertz (silver)
14 & Under Girls: Hannah Kratky/Isabel Lee (gold)
18 & Under Boys: Blake Anderson/Cameron Rudd (gold) and Brian Safford/Scott Safford (silver)
18 & Under Girls: Emma Carver/Jackie Reef (gold)
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