Great Turnout at the Patterson Club Junior Open

Scott Slobin
November 12, 2012
Fairfield, CT

The Patterson Club Junior Open had a great turnout of 36 teams playing on a beautiful warm  fall Sunday afternoon.  Kids from all over Region II turned out for this APTA Junior Tour Tourney. Special thanks to Viking for their support of this event and to all the area clubs for their use of courts.

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Boys 10 and Girls 10 and under

Final Jack Ramsay-Jack Uhlman Griffin Cramer-Max Berry 8-1
3rd Place Hunter Essex-Griffen Dayton
4th Place Emily Stone-Isabel Sanchez  (only girls 10s team)
5th Place Cooper Stern-Cameron Ocallaghan

Girls 12 and under

Final Ryan Boyle-Catey Lasersohn Haley Fuller-Hannah Riegel 8-5

Boys 12 and under

Final Luke Crowley-Peter Denious Tyler Cramer-Jack Murphy 6-3, 6-2
3rd and 4th Place Kyle McClintock-John Shehadi and Ben Saunders-Jack Schultz
5th Place Collin O,Callaghan-Carter Stern
6th Place Grady Norton-Cayden Broadnax

Girls 14 and under

Final Eugene Greef-Alison Norton Hannah Bjorkman-Katherine Luttmann 6-0, 6-3
3rd and 4th Place Cameron Dayton-Grace Manges and Franny Hough-Caroline Phillips
5th Place Kathy McClymonds-Camryn Schlim
One -18 and under team Colleen Fitzpatrick-Lauren Mitchell

Boys 14 and under

Final Henry Fishman-Will Cannon James Bjorkman-Sam Slobin 6-1, 6-3
3rd and 4th Place Will Simon-Matt Mosher and Henry Decoster-Teddy Manges
5th Place Jeff Riggio-Brandan White
6th Place Sam Saunders-Billy Schultz
7th and 8th place Dylan Matthes-Eamonn Smith and Damen Baglieri-Dan DiRusso
9th Place Will Granath-Charlie Duggan
10th Place Xander Dickson-Andrew Purse
11th Place Billy Gorman-Graham Dowd
12th Place Charlie Weaver-Harry Congdon

Boys 18 and Under

Final Will Burger-Gardner Tregellas Luke Foreman-Alex Slobin 6-2, 6-1
3rd and 4th Place Austin Holmes-Reed Schultz and Andrew Goldfeder-James Cutler
5th and 6th Place John Kaspers-Sam Winward and Owen Hurley-Charlie Harris

Slide Show - Photos courtesy of Scott Slobin, Katherine Luttman, Liz Flores & Michael Stern

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