Philly Junior Open Draws 34 Teams

December 16, 2017
Philadelphia, PA

2017 Philly Jr pic1What a day on the paddle courts! This year’s Philly Junior Open once again featured
excellent play on all fronts. Going youngest to oldest, the results are in. Everyone was so good that Santa will definitely be making the rounds to this group.

10s Boys: A great battle by two teams for the final. Max Cooper and Tyler Amoss were victorious. Looking for more 10 and under teams next year. This group played in with the 12s Boys as well.

12s Boys: Six teams competed for top honors in the 10/12s, with Chase Minter and Colby Weaver defeating Matthew Goodman and Jason Jones, 7-5, 6-4 in a battle of a final.
Semifinal action: Amoss/Cooper vs. Goodman/Jones and Mikey Niemkiewicz and Tommy Sammaratino battling the strong Minter/Weaver duo.

2017 Philly Jr pic212s Girls: This highly competitive age group produced two excellent semifinals, with Team
Stanislawczyk defeating Sophie Walter and Holly Cameron, 16-14, in a third set tiebreaker.
Kyle Kochis and Jaclyn Santaguida proved to be very strong, defeating Milana Amoss and Hilary Knipe in the second semi, and taking the final over Allie and Emma Stanislawczyk, 6-1, 6-4.

2017 Philly Jr pic315s Boys: Tyler Holman and Sam Sharp took top honors, defeating Hayden Fisher and Charlie Sternberg, 6-3, 6-4. Matt Farrell and Andrew Poprik finished #3 and Gray Dinsel and Will Knipe finished #4. 

15s/18s Girls: Combining two age groups created quite a competitive afternoon of paddle. In the first semifinal, Sam Macrides and Neha Mukherjee started slow, but finished strong, taking out the undefeated team of Bailey Santaguida and Liza Wilks in a third set tiebreaker. The other semi was a tight contest seeing Faith Ilgner and Caroline Schumacher rally from behind, beating Morgan Santaguida and Leah Walter in another third set tiebreaker. The play was pretty even all around. In the final, Macrides/Mukherjee beat Ilgner/ Schumacher in a tight third set.

2017 Philly Jr pic5 18s Boys: Top seeded Sebastian Garrubbo and Cole Kemmerer remained strong throughout the day, defeating Ty Brinker and Aiden Donoho. Ricky Hart and Marc Knipe finished #3 on the day.

Congratulations everyone! It was a terrifically fun event and the gang went through most of the Tastykakes. Special thank you to Robert Guldi for his help, persevering through court issues to get the job done, and to all the pros, parents, and volunteers who promote the Junior game.

Next up, Paddle Battle of the Brandywine, February 4th followed by Junior Nationals in Summit, NJ, on February 24th. Also, check out the free MAPTA Adult-Child on January 28th at Aronimink Golf Club. Every Sunday there is a free MAPTA playday.
2017 Philly Jr pic4 RESULTS:
10s Boys: Tyler Amoss/Max Cooper def. Alex Fischer/Ryan Hart

12s Boys: Chase Minter/Colby Weaver def. Matthew Goodman/Jason Jones, 7-5, 6-4

12s Girls: Kylie Kochis/Jaclyn Santaguida def. Allie Stanislawczyk/Emma Stanislawczyk

15/18s Girls: Sam Macrides/Neha Mukherjee def. Faith Ilgner/Caroline Schumacher

18 Boys: Sebastian Garrubbo/Cole Kemmerer def. Ty Brinker/Aiden Donoho

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