2019-2020 Grand Prix Lottery Winners

Criteria to win:
This year, the APTA will donate $2000 to each Grand Prix ($1000 for men, $1000 for women) for the purpose of assisting out of state players with travel expenses to encourage participation. The financial aid will be assigned by lottery to players that meet the following criteria. Players must be from a different state than the location of the Grand Prix. Traveling distance must be further than 3 hours by car.

Tyler Fraser
Jim Dunseith
John Mah
Sven Burus
Martina Ondrejkova
Charlotte Sikora
Alice Tunaru
Marcela Rodezno

Nathan Crick
Chris Humphreys
Mike Wagner
Rich Carron
Amy Shay
Margret Greene
Chris Maglocci
Courtney Hughes

Scott Kahler
Ilya Levin
Brian Compton
John Cassas
Rebecca Wolf
Dionne Pike
Judy Takach
Roxy Enica

Charlie Ghrisky
Tyler Fraser
Ned Mandel
Rob Martin
Chelsea Nusslock
Alison Morgan
Denise Murphy
Linda Merkel

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