Team Play at Viking President’s Cup Captures Camaraderie of Game

2013-Viking-logo-blue-150March 9, 2014
Pittsburgh, PA

The Viking President’s Cup kicked off the festivities at Nationals, with teams of men and women wearing matchy-matchy outfits and vying for bragging rights for their region. For the women, Region V—the Chicago and Midwest crew—pulled out a victory over the always tough Region III—the Atlantic Coast group from PA and the DC area. Region V Captain Lisa “Goldy” Goldberg commented, “President’s Cup is our day, and Nationals is gravy.”

On the men’s side, Region II—New England—was rather dominant, only losing two matches the entire day. The elusive Region VIII, created to even out the numbers and made up of players from different regions, battled Region V to get into the finals. While they were fighting for their spot, the Region II men were napping on the coach.

Congratulations to the winning teams and to all of the President Cup’s players! And many thanks to Viking for sponsoring the 2013-2014 Viking President's Cup qualifiers and tournament.

Women's President's Cup Teams   Men's President's Cup Teams 

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