2020 APTA Nationals

 2020 APTA Nationals
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Men's & Women's National Championships
Men's & Women's Viking President's Cup


Region II

Format:  IMPORTANT CHANGES to format for 2020 APTA Men’s Nationals
(two draws and a qualification process)
Viking President's Cup: Thursday, March 5, 2020
National Championships: Friday - Sunday, March 6-8, 2020
Location: Darien, CT
Entry:  Please contact the tournament director for entry details.
  All players must be current APTA members. Membership may be purchased during tournament entry.
  Tiernan Cavanna
Mark Fischl
Details:   Teams that finish in the top 5 will qualify for Men’s Nationals.
Official APTA rules will govern play
Three matches guaranteed (weather permitting)
  There will be a foot fault judge roaming from site to site. The First call is played as a let, any call there after is a loss of point. Rule 9m - APTA Official Rules of Platform Tennis . The judge's call will be final
  Nationals Merchandise can also be ordered by those not playing in Nationals.


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