Diane Straus and Scott Estes Win Their Third Consecutive Mixed 60+ National Championship

October 20, 2016
Englewood, NJ

On October 16, eight teams competed for the Mixed 60+ National title at the Englewood Field Club in Englewood, NJ. Although small in number, the group of 16 players boasted incredible paddle accomplishments. In the finals, the team of Diane Straus and Scott Estes defeated Connie Jones and Ivan Harlow for their third consecutive Mixed 60s plus titles. A threepeat is an impressive feat in itself, but those three titles comprise only a fraction of the combined number of APTA national titles held by players in the draw.

Ten of the sixteen players in the draw are APTA National champions, combining for an astonishing 103 Women’s, Men’s, Mixed, and age group championships! Straus and Estes are the most prolific winners in the group, adding their 27th and 21st titles, respectively. They are followed by Helen Garnett, with 18 titles, Connie Jones with 12 titles, Louise Cash and Ken Persson, each with 9 titles, Steve Griggs, Fritz Odenbach, and Ivan Harlow with 2 titles, and Chris Ford with 1 title.

The Englewood Field Club facility contributed to the historical significance of the event. One of the oldest paddle facilities in the country, semifinalists Connie Jones and Ken Persson both started playing there over 50 years ago. Thanks to tournament director Ken Persson for running the tournament and General Manager Mike Benedict for helping things run so smoothly.

Main: Diane Straus/Scott Estes def. Connie Jones/Ivan Harlow
Consolation: Trish Griggs/Steve Griggs def. Helen Garrett/Tony Ettinger
Consolation Reprieve: Jeanne Cardona/Ig Cardona def. Sallie Ketcham/Barry Snyder

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