2011 APTA Mixed, H/W, H/W 50+ Nationals

FEBRUARY 25-27, 2011



Congratulations to Bobo Delaney and Steve DeRose for winning the 2011 APTA Mixed Nationals title, defeating Cooey Lyon and Juan Martinez-Arraya 7-5, 3-6, 7-5 in the final.

Going into Sunday's play, the 1st and 3rd seeds are out. On the top of the draw, unseeded Stoklasova-Bredberg will play 4th seeds Lyon-Arraya, and in the bottom 5th seed Brzova-Gillespie will battle against 2nd seeds Delaney-Rose.

On Saturday the weather improved, there was a bit of sun, and there was a lot of great paddle.

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Great video from Steve Caccam
Few sports require the precise synchronicity between teammates as Platform Tennis. In this video, we interview some of the nation's top PT players as they compete in the 2011 APTA Mixed Nationals and gain keen insight into how these elite athletes play as one with their partner. Emulate these traits and you'll be well on your way to having more fun and winning more matches!

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On Friday it poured in the morning, but the intrepid group didn’t give into the elements and the rain eventually went away, replaced by some pretty intense winds.

Kerri Delmonico and Mike Stulac are the 2011 APTA Husband/Wife National Champions. They defeated Jessica and Nathan LeFevre in the final.

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Husband/Wife 50+

In the Husband/Wife 50+ division, Janet and Chuck Faig took the title, over Judy and Jeff Takach.

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APTA Mixed, H/W, H/W 50+ Nationals Slide Show - Photos courtesy of Ann Sheedy, Steve Caccam and Jim McCready

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