Chris and Amy Shay 3-Peat Husband/Wife 50+

March 26, 2018
Englewood, NJ

2018 APTA Husb Wife 50+Husband/Wife 50+:

Final Draw 

Winners Chris and Amy Shay
Finalists: Debbie and Mark Holtschneider

This was Chris and Amy 3rd Husband/Wife 50+ in a row and Amy's third national title of 2018 and 14th overall.

Cries of "great shot", "too good", " what fun" were abundant on this great paddle day. Thanks to Ken Persson and Mike Benedict for the great tournament, great food and great libations.

2018 APTA Mixed 50 


Mixed 50+:

 Final Draw

Winners: Cynthia Dardis and Michael Atkinson
Finalists: Chris and Amy Shay





2018 APTA Mixed 60Mixed 60+:

Final Draw

Chris Ford won her 2nd National title of the year partnering with Scott Estes who garnered his 26nd title. Ford and Estes defeated Trish Griggs and Tony Ettinger in the final.

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