APTA Men's PTI Open Regional Championship (Eastern)

Men's PTI Open Regional Championship (Eastern)


Region I (Eastern)

APTA Tournament FAQ

Nationals: Winners and finalists qualify for the APTA Men’s National Championship
Date: Saturday, March 5 (Eastern Regional)
Location: Bronxville, NY (Eastern Regional Championship)
Siwanoy Country Club (Host)
Contacts:   Nick Bergman (East)
Entry:  Entry closed.
Eligibility: All teams will register on the waitlist. The primary factor determining which teams get into the event will be combined PTI ratings. We are allowing some discretion for the APTA and tournament director to admit teams... with the goal being to get the strongest teams possible into the draw since this is a qualifying event for Nationals in Long Island.

Priority will be given to teams who have established PTIs over the teams who have assigned PTIs.
Entry Fee: $200 per team
Entry Deadline: February 22, 2022
Draw Size: 16 teams
Details:   Official APTA rules will govern play
Three matches guaranteed (weather permitting)
  Players should bring their own water bottles.
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