APTA Women's PTI 50+ National Championship

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National Championship Hosted in Region II

APTA Women's PTI 50+ National Championships

Held in conjunction with The Boston Open

Draw:   Draw on Live Scoring   
Date:  Friday, January 21, 2022
Locations:  Boston, MA
Myopia Hunt Club (Host Club)
S. Hamilton Mass and area clubs in north shore
Contact:  Scott Slobin
Entry: Online Entry 
  Full APTA membership is required for all National Championships.  Membership may be purchased during tournament entry.
Entry Fee: $200 per team
Entry Deadline: January 11, 2022
Draw: 24 teams (All teams will register on the waitlist. The first 24 teams to sign up where both players are between 50.0 and 59.9 will be guaranteed entry. Teams with a player outside this threshold will be admitted if space allows.)
Details: An Individual’s PTI for purposes of registering for a PTI Nationals is deemed to be frozen on the day of registration for the tournament. For example, If you are a 30 when you register for the Women’s PTI 30+ National Championship and subsequently your PTI goes below a 30 you are still eligible to play in the 30+ tournament.

Lunch served at Myopia Hunt Club power club house with is adjacent to the paddle courts
Masks required in all paddle huts at all clubs
Tourney favors can be picked up at lower club house myopia hut club
Any questions please call or text Scott Slobin, tournament director —203-536-7538

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