APTA Women's PTI 50+ National Championship

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National Championship Hosted in Region II

APTA Women's PTI 50+ National Championships

Date:  Friday, October 21, 2022 (2023 championship is on January 28th)
Locations:  Chadds Ford, PA
Contact:  Jason Fairbrother
Entry: Please contact the Tournament Director for entry details
  All players must be APTA members, and membership must be purchased before entry.
Entry Fee: TBD
Entry Deadline: TBD
Draw: 24 teams (All teams will register on the waitlist. The first 24 teams to sign up where both players are between 50.0 and 59.9 will be guaranteed entry. Teams with a player outside this threshold will be admitted if space allows.)
Details: An Individual’s PTI for purposes of registering for a PTI Nationals is deemed to be frozen on the day of registration for the tournament. For example, If you are a 30 when you register for the Women’s PTI 30+ National Championship and subsequently your PTI goes below a 30 you are still eligible to play in the 30+ tournament.

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