Announcing the APTA PTI National Championships

Ten New Nationals Around the Country

The APTA is launching a series of Men's National Championships for players of every skill level for the 2019-2020 season. Eligibility for each of these new tournaments will be based on a player's Platform Tennis Index (PTI). The tournaments will be based around the country, offering players competition against the best of their own level.

Q: Why just men?

A: We plan to launch the same set of tournaments for women as soon as we have more women's leagues using the PTI system.

Q: How do these tournaments fit in with B Nationals?

A: These tournaments will replace B Nationals for men. The top players in B Nationals the past few years will likely find the PTI 10+ Nationals as a similar skill-level event. Women will keep the B Nationals tournaments for this coming season.

Q: How does eligibility for these tournaments work?

A: Each individual's PTI must be at or above the designated tournament's number in order to be eligible. Example: in order to be eligible to play in the APTA PTI 25+ Nationals, both players must have PTIs of 25+.

Q: Can I play in more than one PTI Nationals?

A: Yes, as long as your PTI makes you eligible, you can enter more than one.

Q: Will the PTI Nationals be located in the same city every year?

A: Most likely, each PTI level tourney will rotate to a different region or location every season, similar to the Open National Championship.

Q: What will the format of the PTI Nationals be?

A: Most of these tournaments will be one-day events with a maximum draw of 32 teams. Third-set super tiebreakers and double deuce scoring will be used to ensure a one-day event. The semifinals and finals of each event will be held at the main site and will include a party for all participants to enjoy.

Q: How does Team Nationals fit in with these tournaments?

A: The APTA PTI Nationals are being scheduled to take place the three weeks between the APTA Nationals and the APTA Team Nationals in early April. Team Nationals will use PTIs to determine the different levels of play for the men's divisions.

To view the 2019-2020 National Championship schedule see the CALENDAR page and filter by "National Championships" or go to PLAY then NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS
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