Tournament Support

Tournament Support

As a tournament director, you do a lot of the heavy lifting of the sport. You spend countless hours putting on the best tournaments you can, sometimes year after year, enthusiastically promoting platform tennis out of a passion for the sport and the community of players.

The APTA supports your efforts, and with the resources below we hope to make your job a little easier. We have gone to the best and most experienced tournament directors to build a library of information including advice, practical details and best practices.

Tournament Support Documents

Court Scheduling Worksheet
Draws And Drawsheets
Facility Information Sheet
Hut Food
Hut Supplies
Liquid Refreshments Guidelines
#of Matches & #of Balls by Draw Size
Tournament Budget Spreadsheet


Reading a Draw Sheet  Distribute this document to your tournament's players. It tells them how to read and follow a typical platform tennis draw - enhancing their experience and reducing confusion. (September 2011)
Chair Umpire Handbook
Umpire Scorecard
These two documents are indispensible for umpires on the court. The handbook details preparation and conduct. The scorecard provides easy and accurate documentation of the score during the match. The APTA also has printed scorecards. Please contact us for that format. (July 2010)
Draw Sheets in Detail This document details how to create and format effective draws.
Contents: Match Time & Back Draw Annotations (September 2009)
Rules of Platform Tennis Latest edition.
Standardized Warm-Up Tested by time-stressed leagues, this 15 minute standardized warm-up will help control the pace of your tournament. (September 2009)
APTA Committees This page gives you the membership of each APTA committee. Just above the committees is the Board of Directors list. If you can't find the person you need here, please contact the APTA using the contact information above. (September 2009)
 APTA Links & Logos Logos you can use on your tournament documentation and links to this web site and our on-line registration system. (November 2009)