Arapahoe Tournament has a National Draw

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FEBRUARY 29, 2008

This year's tourney was a super event with 96 participants in 3 different draws. We were able to make new friendships with players from Chevy Chase, Maryland, Washington D.C., Crested Butte, CO , Chicago, Toronto, Detroit, Scottsdale, Lincoln, Nebraska, Boulder, CO and Vail CO as well as some new faces from right here in Denver.

The Women's draw held 14 teams. In the finals, Sherrie Farris and Claire Joyce (Boulder) defeated Anne Koo and Anne Lehigh (Denver) 6-2,6-1. For third place, Cyn Rentz and Cindy Woodman (Denver) defeated Cathy Givan and Wendy Bermingham (Denver) by injury default. In the consolation finals, Kimberlee Berman and Bobbie Brandon (Denver) defeated Laura Thomson and Sandy White (Denver) 6-1,6-2.

In the reprieve, Carolyn Collins and Mary Allen (Chevy Chase, MD) defeated Maggie Hays and Sandy Macartney(Denver) 6-3,6-0. In the Last Chance, Anne Kokish and Mary Talbot (Denver) defeated Mary Spaulding(Denver) and Molly Ewald (Washington,D.C.) 6-4,6-1.

The Men's "Open" draw saw 12 teams. In the finals, Derek Fisher and Matt Assini (Denver) defeated Adam Boyce and Griffin Lafleur (Chicago) 6-0,6-1. For third place, James Aldred and Derek Thomas (Toronto) defeated Matt Lemery and Jeff Soffa  (Chicago) 6-3, 6-7,11-9. In the Consolation finals, Pat Vahey (Denver) and Ryan Vahey(Chicago) defeated Cary Hodges and John Fox (Denver) 6-4,6-3. In the Reprieve finals, Randy Swenson and Ken Fleck (Denver) defeated Jay Schneiders and Brad Talbot (Denver) 6-3,6-4.

The Men's "A" draw fielded 22 teams. In the finals, Chuck Roosevelt (Denver) and Freeman Wood (Detroit) defeated Dan Washburne and Derek Bond (Denver) 3-6, 7-6 (1), 7-6 (9). For third place, Matt Kranich and Kelly Kovar(Denver) defeated Jack Koo and Galen Blackburne (Denver) 6-4, 6-4. In the Consolation finals, Hector Lopez(Denver) and Jeff Jagdfeld (Lincoln, Nebraska) defeated Craig Emerson and Steve Filmer (Denver) 6-2,6-2. In the Reprieve finals, Rich Kladstrup and Scott Ripley (Denver) defeated Dave VonGunten and Dan Magill (Denver) 6-4,4-6,7-5. In the Last Chance finals, Ben Burke/Tom Hertzberg (Denver) defeated Glynn Frechette and Chris Orgon(Denver) 6-3,6-4.

Daily temperatures were a bit high for paddle standards, but many of our out of town guests were able to take advantage of the banner year our ski resoHarrow Sportsrts are celebrating with snow  depths in the triple digits in many cases.

Special thanks go to our sponsors: VBT Bicycle Tours and Harrow Sports.

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