Shea & Arraya Prevail in CT Mixed

JANUARY 10, 2010

2010 CT MixedI want to thank all the players for coming out today. It was very cold but the sky was blue! We had a typical winter day in CT. Despite a few problems with schedule and location, the tournament ran well and we finished on time to leave the hut for the CCNC members who were great and let us use their place.

I want to thank Mike Gillespie who was a really great help, Bob Sheehy, Bob Sehr and Lucie Duhamel who helped running huts, giving out the favors, and in many other ways.

Complete Draw    Slide Show by Bob Considine    
Video Clip 1: Arraya/Shea vs Mistriano/Dardis    Video Clip 2: Arraya/Shea vs Mistriano/Dardis

2010 CT Mixed


Last Chance:
Winners: Mrs. Mueller (I dont call this Lady by her First Name because she called me a "girl" once, hahaha) - David Mueller (25th place)
Finalists: Hapgood- Scott Happgod (26th place)

Winners: Connie Jones- Tom Jones (17th place)
Finalist: Heather Silver -Andy Timmerman (18th place)

16 Reprieve
Winner : Tammy Collins - Tom Kratky (9th place)
Finalists: Tracy Gibson - Faycal Rhazali (10th place)

Main Draw
Winner: Sheri Shea - some dude with red shoes (1st place)
Finalist: Susan Lovejoy - Jim "Old" Kaufman (2nd place)

Next Year - Bigger and Better!

2010 CT Mixed 16 Reprieve
16 reprieve Finalists: Faycal Rhazali, Tracy Gibson, Tom Kratky, Tammy Collins
2010 CT Mixed Main Draw
Main Draw Finalists: Juan Arraya, Sheri Shea,  Susan Lovejoy, Jim Kaufman
2010 CT Mixed Last Chance
Last Chance Finalists: Hapgoods, Muellers

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