2015 Columbus Women's PCQ

Brian Heil
February 3, 2015
Columbus, OH

Jill Gilbert and Pam Lippy survived back-to-back three setters and ended up as champions of the 2015 Women's Columbus Open. In the semifinal, they outlasted Bizzy Driscoll and Amy Lutz, 6-1, in the third set before grinding out a 7-6, 4-6, 7-5 win in the final against Shaheen Bhanji and Lea Morris.

2015 Columbus Women's PCQ Finalists
L to R: Winners Jill Gilbert/Pam Lippy, finalists Shaheen Bhanji/Lea Morris

It was a beautiful day in Columbus with no wind, a good temperature, and great competition. No real surprises in the tourney as all four seeds made the semis. The only upset was in the final where the second seed prevailed. The hometown was well represented in the tournament with a third of the draw (plus OSU student Izzy Nejedlik) hailing from Columbus, including five first-time tournament participants (including Emma Stein, a senior in high school) showing that paddle is growing and Columbus has big plans for the future!

Special thanks to all of our sponsors, the clubs for use of courts, the workers at Elysium, and to Rich and Patrick for providing the food and drink for the day. Thanks to all the ladies for coming into town and participating and hope to see you all again in 2016!

  • Main Draw: Jill Gilbert/Pam Lippy def. Shaheen Bhanji/Lea Morris, 7-6, 6-4, 7-5
  • Semifinalists: Abby Hand/Amy Heil and Bizzy Driscoll/Amy Lutz
  • Quarter Reprieve: Sheila Elsbrock/Sally Giannella
  • Consolation: Izzi Nejedlik/Karen Nejedlik
  • Consolation Reprieve: Wendy Mikola/Emma Stein
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