Keri Flynn and Myrthe Molenveld win the Womens 2016 Connecticut Classic

Connecticut Classic Women’s Viking PCQ/NRT
November 12, 2016

There were some new partnerships that made for a very interesting tournament at the Connecticut Classic Women’s Viking PCQ/NRT in West Hartford, CT, but an established partnership ultimately prevailed when the top seeds Keri Flynn and Myrthe Molenveld took the title.

After losing a tough match to Cynthia Dardis and Amy Shay in the quarterfinals of the Chicago Charities Grand Prix last weekend, Flynn and Moleveld tore through the quarterfinal reprieve, easily defeating two tough opponents and leaving Chicago feeling good about their play. They rode that momentum through the draw in Connecticut, beating Mirian Cruz and Marcela Rodezno in the quarters and the fourth seeds and Lake Invitational Viking PCQ/NRT finalists Debora Castany and Florentina Hanisch in the semis. In the finals, Flynn and Moleveld were too solid for the third seeds and first time partners, Kerri Delmonico and Annica van Starrenburg, defeating them 6-2, 6-1.

In other interesting quarterfinal matches, Cynthia Dardis, partnering with her sister Abigail Burke instead of her regular partner Amy Shay, lost to Liz Jaffe and Dana Parsons, who then fell to Delmonico/van Starrenburg in a tight two-setter. Delmonico/van Starrenburg got through the tough team of Lisa Rudloff and Mariya Slupska in their quarterfinal, and Castany/Hanisch put away Jade Curtis and two-time National Champion Viki Stoklosova to get to the semis.

Thank you to Courtia Worth for her usual terrific job running the tournament. Courtia always does her part for the environment by asking players to bring reusable water bottles; this year she offered eco-friendly favors as well. The players made a colorful crew sporting the Ekobanz neck warmers and headbands made from sustainable bamboo.

Main Draw: Keri Flynn/Myrthe Molenveld def. Kerri Delmonico/Annica van Starrenburg 6-2, 6-1
Quarterfinal Reprieve: Mirian Cruz/Marcela Rodezno def. Lisa Rudloff/Mariya Slupska
Reprieve: Cooey Lyon/Charlotte Sikora def. Amy Hutter/Shelly Morse
Consolation: Thea Dolan/Janet Linehan def. Kelly Caniff/Yvonne Ting
Consolation Reprieve: Amy Chafee/Deb Schmutzler

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