Freund & Spracklin Take DE State Title

NOVEMBER 11, 2009

2009 DE StatesThe Delaware State Paddle Championships took place on November 7, 2009 and was hosted by Greenville Country Club. Twenty four teams from DE, PA, NY, NY, CT, MD and Washington DC competed on a beautiful, sunny day at Greenville CC, Vic Mead Hunt Club and Wilmington Country Club. There was exciting paddle action all day while Greenville’s extraordinary Hut served as an ideal host facility.

The top seeded duo from the Washington DC area of Scott Freund and Trevor Spracklin survived some feisty competition before emerging as the champion. They captured the title by a convincing score of 6-4, 6-1 over the third seeded team of Steve Reiniger and Andrew Hocker. The Hocker/Reiniger team upset the second seeded pairing of Todd Marvin and Jeff Lyon in one semi-final while Freund/Spracklin survived a three set scare from the veteran team of Peter Redpath and Chip Morrow.

2009 DE StatesSeveral new teams are emerging serious challengers to many of the seasoned teams that have dominated this region’s paddle tennis actions for many years. The rising young duo of Steve Beers and Patrick Nowlan are among the most talented of these teams as they forced the Champs to play three tough sets before falling in a quarter-final battle.

The Nowlan/Beers pairing won the quarter-final consolation bracket and other reprieve draw winners were Tim Brooke and Greg Eger in the “A” flight and Andy Sorrentino and Pascal Collard took the “B” crown.

Top Photo (l-r): Steve Reiniger, Andrew Hocker, Ron Pinsky (tournament director), Scott Freund and Trevor Spracklin
Bottom Photo: Champs Scott Freund and Trevor Spracklin 

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