Masters Rule at Wilmington Way Way Way Over 60

November 5, 2017
Wilmington, DE

2017 Way Way 60 Winners
Jeff Brooks, Ted Barnett, Barry Snyder (Tournament Director)
Norm Liedtke, Joe Williamson

The 7th Annual Region III Way Way Way Over 60 was played on October 28th under perfect weather conditions. In the finals, Norm Liedtke and Joe Williamson (just back from a baseball tournament in Phoenix) beat Jeff Brooks and Ted Barnett in a very close match. In the Consolation draw, Dick Strong and John Hess prevailed over Bob Greenwood and Frome Crawford. Steve Nycum and Barry Snyder took the Gut Bucket bracket.

2017 Way Way 60 Consol
Frome Crawford, Bob Greenwood, John Hess, Dick Strong

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