Scott Estes and Kasey Vens Win Detroit Invitational

December 12, 2016
Birmingham, MI

2016 Detroit Men's
NRT/PCQ winners and finalists
The Detroit invitational saw its largest NRT/Viking PCQ draw in quite some time.  Teams came from Long Island, NY, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland as well as the Michigan and the Great Detroit area.  The paddle hut was complete with chili, beer and other treats as the spectators enjoyed watching a top flight championship.  The finals saw Scott Estes and Kasey Vens defeating Scott Mansager and Brian Compton 7-6, 4-6, 6-3.

Friday, the 90+ was hosted at Oakland Hills Country Club.   The team of John Oswald and Stephen Phillips from Toledo, Ohio defeated Rich Carron and Rich Moellering from Grosse Pointe, Michigan in the finals.

 A big thank you to Orchard Lake Country Club, Birmingham Athletic Club and Oakland Hills Country Club for assisting with the event.  Looking forward to seeing familiar faces as well as new participants again next year!

2016 Detroit Men's
90+ winners and finalists
NRT/PCQ Results:
Main Draw: Scott Estes/Kasey Vens def. Brian Compton/Scott Mansager
Quarterfinal Reprieve: Leland Morris/Alex Solove def. Craig Bennington/Nitin Gera
Round of 16 Reprieve: Bruce Grant/Robert Janacek def. Dave Cosgrove/Mike Parks
Consolation: Chris Gunderson/Cullen Malloy def. Steve Kommeier/Brad Thompson
Last Chance: Andrew Krell/Josh Krell def. David Smith/Mike Hix

90+ Results:
Main Draw: John Oswald/Stephen Phillips def. Rich Carron/Rich Mollering
Third Place Playoff: Toby Buechner/Jack McNaughton def. Patrick Hopper/Tony Paddock
Consolation: Scott Adams/BJ Cameron def. Chris Davis/Frank Willard
Last Chance: Charlie Carpenter/Steve Lord def. Terry Shook/Brian Vick

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