Hays & Shpiz Play Through Pain for Win at Lagunitas

FEBRUARY 14, 2010

Christi Hays & Wendy ShpizIt was a wonderful weekend: great people; great food; great parties; and terrible weather that didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits.

In a repeat of last year's finals, locals Wendy Shpiz and Christi Hays had another long, tense final with Sarah Williams and Linda Hoch of Chicago. Two and a half hours long and 8 balls later, Wendy and Christi won 8-6 in a third set tiebreaker. Wendy and Christi had played really well for a set and a half when Christi started to cramp up. Sarah and Linda could see she couldn't move and started to pound her. Although it was painful going, Wendy and Christi finally toughed out the win. Christi later recounted the moral of the story; wins are good but stay hydrated! It’s no fun to play with cramps.

Griffith Cup PresentationSarah's husband Dan Williams finally came to play after years of coming to watch Sarah (Sarah and Linda have been coming for 12 years straight). He and Pete Rose beat Rob LeBuhn (San Diego) and Mike Atkinson (Sparta NJ) in the Championship Flight finals. LeBuhn and Atkinson had upset many time champions and locals Tom Mayes and Will Lyon in the semis.

The Gentlemen's Flight finals, which is contested for the Ned Griffith Jr. Cup (Patty Griffth's deceased husband and Chizzie's dad), was won by the father/son duo of Toby and Ed Hays. Ed is from Colorado and Toby from the Peninsula. They beat Paul Herzog (Ross) and his brother-in- law Jamie Everitt from Sun Valley Idaho.

It was an all Lagunitas finals for the "B" Women with Janey Kuhl (Beach's wife) and Elizabeth Darden beating Cynthia Zak and Andrea Leavitt.

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