Fun Facts from Duane L. Hayden Invitational

December 11, 2019
Huntington, NY

2019 Duane Hayden LI Men Final Results (doc), (pdf)

2019 Duane Hayden LI Men B Final Results (doc), (pdf)

  1. Rusty Wright and Mark Ruppert have played together in this tournament for 20 years.
  2. Jon Lubow, Tim Mangan, and Mike Stulac have all played in the tournament for 20 years with various partners.
  3. Three sons of former competitors played over the weekend: Doug Morrow, Scott Safford, and B Champion Peter Titus.
  4. Over 200 baby lamb chops were served at the “drinks party.”

The APTA would like to thank Tournament Directors Duane L. Hayden, Tim Mangan, Paul Wallack, all 84 teams, and all of the volunteers and staff for an excellent event.

All results for the Men’s, Women’s, and Men’s B tournaments can be found on Live Scoring.


Finalists L to R: Steven Rohlfing/Tim B O’Sullivan Winners Peter Titus/Nick Delapi


Reprieve: Wright/Ruppert 


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