North Again Retains Mason-Dixon Cup By Slimmest Of Margins

Mark Holtschneider
October 22, 2012
Wilmington, DE

2012 Mason Dixon CupThe 12th Annual Mason-Dixon Cup was held at the Greenville Country Club in Wilmington, Delaware on Saturday, October 20. Two years ago, the North won by a single point. Last year, the North won in a final super tie-breaker. This year the North again won in a super tie-breaker play-off!

The annual Mason-Dixon Cup competition pits the best of Region III north of the Mason-Dixon Line (primarily Philadelphia guys this year) against the best of Region III south of the Mason-Dixon Line (Baltimore and D.C. guys). Participation is based on points earned in tournaments the prior year. The North now leads the series 7-3 (with 2 rain outs).

The North was represented by Simon Peppiatt (Captain)/Greg Eger, Steve Hall/Justin Poletti, Mike Furman/Mike McGrath, and Steve Reiniger/Todd Marvin.

The South was represented by Mark Holtschneider (Captain)/Teddy Easter, Alex Hume/Juan Jaysingh, Trevor Spracklin/Tyler Kelly, and Rob Norton/Jesse Carl.

Each team from the North played each team from the South in a best-of-three match, with the third set being decided by a 10 point tie-breaker. The first and second rounds included 5 third set tie-breakers and the matches were evenly split four for the North and four for the South. The South took a seven to five lead after the third round and needed just two wins in the last round to take the Cup. The North, however, rallied and won three matches in the final round, with Todd Marvin and Steve Reiniger winning a thrilling third set tie-breaker. Justin Poletti and Steve Hall led the North with a 3-1 record in the regulation matches.

Because both teams finished the day with eight points, names were drawn from the Cup for one more 10 point tie-breaker. The North prevailed in the extra tie-breakers 3 to 1 and won the Cup.

A great day of paddle and fun. A terrific way to start the season.

2012 Mason-Dixon Cup North
(from left to right) Mason-Dixon Cup XII Champs from the North: Mike Furman, Steve Reiniger, Justin Poletti, Greg Eger, Steve Hall, Simon Peppatt, Todd Marvin, Mike McGrath

2012 Mason-Dixon Cup South
(L to R) Mason-Dixon Cup XII South Team: Rob Norton, Alex Hume, Trevor Spracklin, Jesse Carl, Tyler Kelly, Teddy Easter, Mark Holtschneider, Juan Jaysingh

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