Black Widow Ladies B Opens Paddle Season

September 24, 2018
Morristown, NJ
by Kathryn Volker

2018 Black Widow Winners
WINNERS: Becky Wolf/Regina Feeney
FInal Main Draw

The Morristown Field Club hosted the inaugural Black Widow Ladies B tournament on Saturday, September 15. The draw consisted of 16 teams with over 12 different clubs represented. It was a great day for paddle as the weather was perfect (warm and slightly cloudy), which set the stage for a full day of competitive paddle.  

Main Draw: Regina Feeney (Canoe Brook)/Becky Wolf (Minisink) def. Kristen Brown (Nassau)/April Mongelli (Crest Hollow)
Quarter Reprieve:  Corey Delaney (MFC)/Nicky Ross (MFC) def. Kathryn Volker (MFC)/Patrice Shapiro (MFC)
Consolation: Brenda Colvin (Minisink)/Karen Proscia (Morris County) def. Patty Topping (Montclair)/Carol Ewertsen (Montclair)
Last Chance: Cara Hanks (Montclair)/ Caitlin Coopersmith (Montclair) def. Terry MacLeod (MFC)/Jan Arthur (MFC)

2018 Black Widow Finalists
FINALISTS: Kristen Brown/April Mongelli

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