Harlow & Ucko Defeat a Tough Estes & O'Donnell to Capture NJ Men's 60+

Bruce Gillie
March 26, 2014
Westfield, NJ

The finals of the NJ Mens' 60+ were won by Ivan Harlow and Lloyd Ucko beating a tough team (and previous champions) Scott Estes (Sr.) & Mike O'Donnell, in two sets. Harlow is from Center Court, Ucko is from the Short Hills Club, Estes is from Orange Lawn Tennis Club and O'Donnell is from the Park Lakes Club.

In addition, we had the following back-draw results:
Consolation: Bruce Chait/Jim Moore defeated Alan Goldman/Steve Gray
Consolation Reprieve: Tom Bass/Roger Dowdeswell defeated Alan Schultz/Rick Perrazone
Championship Reprieve: Rick Sahlman/Ken Persson defeated John Russo/Steve Fenster

We had a great day for the tournament (on March 8) and a full draw of 16 teams.  

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