Thea Dolan and Janet Linehan Rallied at Brookline Resolution B

January 7, 2019
Brookline, MA
by Anna Asphar

2019 Brookline Resolution B
L to R: Finalists Hilary Meyers/Trish Bloom; Winners Thea Doland/
Janet Lineman
The Brookline Resolution B Ranking Tournament drew 13 teams from Maine, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Western Mass, and Cape Cod. Huge thanks to Erica Curtis, who stepped in for me (Tournament Director) when my back stopped working. To Curtis’s credit, she showed up to be hut captain, put on my sneakers, and played very stylishly in jeans and a belt to a fourth-place finish (with Linda Brenske).

The weather was rather awful, raining hard for the first round at 8:00AM and continuing at a steady pace for a few hours. In the middle of the day, it was cloudy and misty, but by the time of all the finals, the skies opened again. The mood was much more upbeat than expected, possibly because the food (from Baker’s Best Catering in Needham) was exceptional and plentiful. Skid ball was alive and well, and our balls were bald as Howie Mandel after only one set.

The final, despite the rain, was high quality with long points. Thea Dolan and Janet Linehan, from the Cape, defeated Hilary Meyers and Trish Bloom, from the Hartford area, in the third set.

Main Draw: Thea Dolan/Janet Linehan def. Trish Bloom/Hilary Meyers
3rd/4th Place: Heather Hawes/Whitney Berns def. Linda Brenske/Erica Curtis
Quarter Reprieve: Kerry Alvino/Katie Martin def. Abby Harris/Nindy Pike
Consolation: Kelly Canniff/Jodie Stevenson def. Wendy Ferrelli/Mary Toth
Consolation Reprieve: Aleca Hughes/Amory Loring def. Tatiana Gudz/Sarah Janssens

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