Demsey and Lenois Reign in the Rain

Paula Fazli
February 3, 2015
Madison, CT

The rain had subsided by the time Jennifer Demsey and Daniel Lenois faced off in the finals against Connecticut pals Sarah Layton and Tina Lum in this year’s final Region 2 PCQ in Madison, Connecticut. Earlier in the day, the intermittent rain and ice were a big factor in matches. In fact, the draw shrunk from 18 teams to 12 over the course of twenty-four hours, as players withdrew on Friday after hearing about weather conditions. The intrepid twelve took to the courts and it turned out to be a great day for paddle, with some incredibly close matches in the quarter finals and the back draws. Demsey and Lenois came out victorious, winning the final match 6-3 6-4. Heather Mahan and Gretchyn Biggs won the quarter reprieve, besting Cory Lannon and Colleen Baker (Region 3), and Kathy Kulig and Joan O’Connor won the consolation in a tight 3 sets against Sue Geer and Leslie Haskins The last chance went to Kelly Hellstein and Kate Morneau.

2015 Madions PCQ Finalists
L to R: Finalists Tina Lum/Sarah Layton; Winners Danielle Lenois/Jen Demsey

This is the 30th year Kitty Palmer has served as tournament director for the Madison PCQ. While I have not been able to find the records, I’m certain she has won the tournament almost as many times. And she makes homemade chicken soup and gluten free brownies. If you are a Region 2 player and you have not played “Kitty’s tourney,” you are missing something. See you next year!

2015 Final Draw

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