Sound Shore Invitational 2008

NOVEMBER 23, 2008

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Men's Open

Brad Easterbrook and Alex Bancila took the Men's title, defeating Lennart Jonasson and Mike Stulac in the finals, and top seeds Mike Cochrane and Scott Estes in the semis.

Winers in the back draws were:
Consolation: McKessy-Mueller over Beatty Fairchild
Reprieve: Caldwell - Main over Ruppert - Wright
Last Chance: Mangan - Mavrin over Teglas - Vogel
Qtr Reprieve: DeRose - Lubow over Bennett - duRandt

Full Men's Open Draw

Men's "B"

Main Draw: Brown - Zabatta over Misitrano - Catter
Consolation: Rogers - Schwab over Shephard - Pinkernell
Reprieve: Paret - Zeida over Roberts - Sperry
Last Chance: Vergari - Burns over Denious - Outcalt

Full Men's B Draw

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