Southern Cup Men’s NRT & Friday Round Robin

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Region VII
National Ranking Tournament

Date: Friday, March 5 - Optional Round Robin (see details below)
  Saturday, March 6, 2021 - Men's NRT
Location:  Charlotte, NC
  Olde Providence Racquet Club
Contact:  Tim Buwick
Entry: Online Entry
  Entry Fee: $100 / team 
Men’s NRT - March 6 – draw of 16 (possibility of 24 teams if courts become available)
Details:  Optional Round Robin : Players will be drafted as individuals and placed on teams. Captains will be selected once field is set. 4 teams, single round robin, no ad, tie breaker at 5-5 and match tie breaker in lieu of a 3rd set. Top 2 teams play a final (rules to come later). Start times 9am and 10 am
Official APTA rules will govern play
  NRT Format:  Regular scoring, two out of three sets
Amenities:  Drinks and snacks provided. Lunch and dinner not provided. There are no favors.
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