November 6, 2014
New York, NY

While peppering Ward Doonan with questions about “The Sally” charity event, it came to my attention he had very recently had surgery. Very recently? Exactly one hour before I emailed him today! The queasy may not want to read on.

“I have arthritis in my big toe and wore orthoticsDoonan post Cogsill...but broke my foot when I played summer paddle without my orthotics. I had my big toe fused and a plate put on my broken 4th metatarsal.” Be advised, “It was a long term event not from an injury specifically from that one night.” Note that Doonan is wearing his paddle clothes on the table.

cogsill-50“Even more fascinating is that my surgeon today was Dr. Jonathan Deland (Co-chief of Foot & Ankle Services at NY Hospital of Special Surgery) who happens to be the grandson of James Cogwell, one of the two founders of platform tennis!!!”

Speedy recovery to Ward Doonan and special thanks to Dr. Deland and his family.

Finally, thanks to @PaddlePlayer for connecting the paddle world, one player at a time.

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