2017 Three Rivers Women Results

By Kathy Jokl
January 24, 2017
Sewickley, PA

2017 Three Rivers WomenThe West Penn Paddle Tennis Association just played the 38th annual Women’s Three Rivers Tourney which is open to Divisions 2 through 8. It was a strong 56 team draw. It was run by Sewickley YMCA led by tournament director Christi Hays (YMCA Paddle Professional). 
Congratulations to Mary Lisa Siegel and Joy Leventon of Fox Chapel Racquet for winning the Main draw over Finalists Tina Francis and Lisa Norris of Lake Vue.

Other winners include:
3rd place: Kate Kapanowski/Lisa Mcmaster of North Park.
4th place: Laura McGinley/Dang Wilson of Sewickley Y.
Quarter Reprieve: Kimberly Kness/Vida Komer of Valleybrook over Finalists Maria Alampi/Colleen Geyer of North Park.
16 Reprieve: Anne Blazak of Sewickley Y/Kelley Holland of North Park over Finalists Amy Braham/Jen Mccrady of Fox Chapel Golf Club
32 Reprieve: Ingrid Meenen/Katie Rogers of Mt. Lebanon/ Valleybrook over Finalists Tricia Mccormick/Lhea Wiese of Fox Chapel Racquet.
32 Reprieve Consolation : Kate English/Liz Hall of St. Clair Country Club over Finalists Gina Carlos/Sarah Nass of Mt. Lebanon.
Consolation: Lisa Phillips-Spiess/Diane Watson of Fox Chapel Racquet over Finalists Alana Kaminski/Roxane Kiliany of North Park.
Consolation Reprieve: Anne Marie Fallek/Carole S. Shepard of Shannopin over Finalists Liz Allen/Anne Kerr of Fox Chapel Golf Club.

Many thanks to Christi Hays and her dedicated team of volunteers for running a great tournament! Everyone enjoyed the Moscow mule mugs given as favors, and got to try them out at the Tuesday after-paddle gathering at the Sewickley Y paddle hut. Christi wants to share her recipe celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Moscow mule:
1 drink =
2 oz vodka
½ oz lime juice
4 oz ginger beer
¼ oz simple syrup
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