Grant Veltman and Jordan Meyer Tops at Three River’s Championships

February 8, 2019
Pittsburgh, PA

3-Rivers-Logo-200On January 26th, Grant Veltman and Jordan Meyer took the title for Pittsburgh’s 2019 Three River’s Championships. The 128 player B tournament is a season favorite for the players in Pittsburgh’s 2,000-member league. 

The 18th annual event was sold-out with 64-teams competing for the title in this grueling one-day competition. All eight seeded teams reached the quarterfinals, where the 6th seeded Veltman/Meyer took out the 3rd seeds, Trevor Heck and Landon Judkins, in the quarters, then the second seeds, Dean Gannon and Chris Howell, in the semis, and then the top seeded team of Wayne Dollard and Jarod Medvetz in the finals, 7-6, 2-6, 6-4.

Main Draw: Grant Veltman/Jordan Meyer def. Wayne Dollard/Jarod Medvetz, 7-6, 2-6, 6-4.
16-Consolation: Adam Blasinski/Wilson Pyle def. Erik Johnson/Matt Sowa (9th place)
32-Consolation: Allan Quackenbush/Clay Quackenbush def. Chris Perri/Jason Shields (17th place)
64 Consolation: Kevin Deger/Ben Sera def. Jeff Herald/Joe Mettenberg (33rd place)
64 Consolation-Reprieve: Jones/Scibetta/ over Andrew Hunt/Gene Hunt (49th place)

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