Fischer/Guyaux Dominate Women's West Penn Open

December 2, 2017
Pittsburgh, PA

2017 WPO winnersKelly Fischer and Jessica Guyaux from Fox Chapel Racquet/Edgeworth continued their domination in the West Penn Open Women’s tournament this season with their 8th WPO victory in a row, and their 11th WPO victory since 2004.  Unseeded Erica Kagle and Kate Kapanowski from Edgeworth/North Park battled hard and took down some great teams on their way to the finals, but Fischer/Guyaux came out on top with a decisive 6-4,6-3 victory.

The 3rd and 4th place teams (did not play out): Jenny Kelly and Janet Mazzola from Cleveland, OH and Fran Bolanis and Sarah Stallings from Fox Chapel Racquet Club
Quarter Reprieve Draw: Dori Easdale and Jill Gilbert from Columbus, Ohio and Spencer Caravaggio def. Meghan Trombold from Edgeworth/Cleveland,OH
Round of 16 Consolation Draw:  Victoria Brown and Wan Collier from Cleveland, OH def. Elizabeth Joseph and Nathalie Lemieux from Edgeworth
Round of 32 Consolation Draw: Laura Dawson and Patty Uhlman from Fox Chapel Golf Club/Pittsburgh Field Club def. Marjorie Carlson and Nicole Kriebel from Edgeworth
Round of 32 Consolation Reprieve Draw: Nellie Kraus and Melanie Richman from Sewickley Y def. Jenna Barbour and Tara Tramontina from Fox Chapel Racquet Club
Consolation Draw: Patty Casey and Susan Mah from Fox Chapel Golf Club def. Fredrica Cryan and Andrea Sciolla from Fox Chapel Racquet Club
Last Chance: Nora Anderson and Kerrie Brown from Rochester,NY/Mt. Lebanon def. Ridgely Quigley and Amy Thimons from Edgeworth

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