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The American Platform Tennis Association is a non-profit organization that governs the sport for its 21,000 members, which includes individuals, municipalities, clubs and leagues [By-Laws]. With an annual operating budget of $700,000, the APTA sanctions more than 180 annual tournaments, including 34 National Championship events. The organization provides national rankings of its members; maintains the official rules and etiquette of the sport; administers the Platform Tennis Hall of Fame; regulates standards for balls, paddles and courts; manages its web site and produces Platform Tennis Magazine.

Mission of the American Platform Tennis Association

The mission of the APTA is to:

  • govern the sport; 
  • grow participation among all levels and types of players and across all regions;
  • improve all aspects of the game.

We will accomplish this mission by:

  • maintaining the rules and codes of behavior to ensure the integrity of the game;
  • creating and increasing awareness of our sport;
  • providing guidance to clubs and municipalities on how to start platform tennis programs and then how to make those programs successful;
  • promoting the sport among current players to raise their level of passion.

Platform Tennis National Championships and Rankings 

The APTA has overseen the national tournaments since its founding in 1934. Throughout the season, the APTA Ranking Committee calculates positions of teams in dozens of categories based on tournament performance. Champions and Rankings

The President's Cup

The President’s Cup was established in 1978 in order to create a national competition for amateur paddlers. Platform tennis had begun to be increasingly professionalized, especially in the East, and good regional players were losing interest in this type of competition. Increasingly, separate regional tournaments were held for these non-professionals (defined as not nationally ranked.) Each Region held its own qualifying tournament to determine which four teams from its Region would be sent to the President’s Cup:

Region I   Region II    Region III    Region IV    Region V    Region VI    Region VII


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