2019 Board Member, Jim Ingle

2017 Candidate Ingle

Winter, for Jim Ingle, used to be counting the days until golf season would start again. He was introduced to platform tennis in 1993 by his business partner. It took a year of convincing to try what looked to him like a goofy game on a miniature tennis court in a chicken coop, but by 1994, he gave it a shot and was hooked.

As a partner in a technology consulting firm, in 1995, Jim decided to donate some hours and write an online system for Chicagoland platform tennis players, using this weird new thing called the Internet. Only one men’s league used it, but there were only a total of six leagues. Twenty-two years and countless thousands of volunteer hours later, the system supports 8000+ players in 51 Chicagoland leagues for both men and women.

Jim has played religiously since being introduced to the game, and plays in as many Chicago area tournaments as his body allows. In addition to the time spent supporting and enhancing the CPTC league website, Jim also serves on the Chicago Platform Tennis Charites board. He lives in Winnetka, Illinois, with his wife Beverly, and four children, Jackson (19), Jeffrey (19), Isabelle (19), and Olivia (17).

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