2019 Board Member, Whit Harwood

2017 Candidate HarwoodIt's fair to say that paddle for Whit is a family tradition. You may recognize some of the names in his lineage. Whit’s grandparents, Chuck and Norma Baird, laid the foundation for a family-wide obsession. His parents, Bill and Nancy Harwood, put a paddle in his hand at a young age. His uncles, Chip and Steve Baird, offered countless tips, strategies and stories, including how they won their first Nationals at ages 22 and 24, respectively. After playing in several Junior National tournaments, other youth sports got in the way, but Whit returned to the game during his senior year of high school, when he played on the Short Hills Club team and was hooked.

A recent graduate of Colby College, Whit works for the Sports Brand Partnerships team at FOX Sports in New York. Returning to the New York/New Jersey area was a good move, enabling Whit to rejoin the paddle community in the area and continue his obsessive relationship with the game. Saturdays became an opportunity to play in the morning and then watch Live Streamed matches in the afternoon with the Short Hills Squad.

Whit realized that working in sports media could be put to good use at the APTA. Since last summer, he has been working to build the APTA digital and social platforms, alongside the staff, board members, and the team at ENET. The goal is simple: make it as easy as possible for every paddle player to access videos, photos, and news from anywhere at any time, via the APTA app, Facebook, Live Scoring, Twitter, YouTube, and Live Streaming.


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