Rochester Clinic Fires Up Players and Pros

Anton Mavrin
November 9, 2012
Rochester, NY



October 26th was Rochester’s turn to host a crew of PPTA-certified professionals for the APTA-sponsored effort to grow the sport around the country.  Shadow Lake Country Club hosted Nathan LeFevre, Sebastian Bredberg, Patricio Misitrano and Anton Mavrin, who shared their knowledge, experience and enthusiasm with eager participants of various skill levels and age groups.

A number of clinics were given throughout the afternoon to over forty people. Before participants were split into groups and assigned a professional, the pros introduced and demonstrated the planned drills.

Misitrano worked with the ladies’ group on the shot selections from the backcourt. The women were particularly impressed with his ability to break down complex information and his inspiring style of teaching. Even after the clinics were long over, the women kept asking him for advice.

LeFevre’s court included work from the baseline. He instructed that the lobs should be “lights high” and aimed a few feet past the service line. He recommended that at the very least the lobs should be over 6’7” Anton Mavrin. LeFevre’s advice was well executed by several players who advanced to the second round of the Rochester Open.

Bredberg gave insight on coping with overheads that hit the nicks. In a calm manner, he stressed the importance of communication between partners and proper positioning. Also, Bredberg urged players to avoid hitting drives into the net as he elaborated on the advantages of this tactic.

On Mavrin’s court, volleys were the focus. During the drills some players heard him say “Observe your volleys” when he meant to say, “absorb,” an unintended mistake caused by his accent. This led to a catchy double meaning that you have to watch the ball and absorb the volley with a soft grip. 

The program was concluded with a spectacular exhibition match played by the professionals. Bredberg and LeFevre took on Misitrano and Mavrin. The match featured all the elements that were taught throughout the day and was watched not only by the clinic participants, but also by arriving competitors for the Rochester Open NRT event. In total, over 50 people participated in the clinics and over 75 watched the exhibition. 

Many thanks to Fritz and Sandra Odenbach for planning and organizing the event, and hosting the pros. Due to Fritz Odenbach’s initiative, the APTA picked up 60 new members. The number could have been larger if Sunday’s clinics were not canceled due to oncoming Hurricane Sandy. 

Also thanks to our Wilson and Viking sponsors for supporting the event by providing balls and demo paddles. Thanks to Miguel Cobbs, for volunteering his help with the clinics. And of course, thanks to the APTA for the initiative that continues to increase the popularity of platform tennis in the country and abroad. The testimony of success could be seen in the players who won the Rochester Open “B” draw. They got their first formal instruction during an APTA clinic a month ago in Toronto.

Rochester Clinic

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