I’m Chevy Chase and You Are Not…Going to Believe How Great The Clinic Was

Anton Mavrin
November 14, 2013
Chevy Chase, MD

Washington, D.C., is known for its historical monuments, many museums, and political figures. Recently, it has appeared on the platform tennis map of nationally ranked tournaments. Players from this area have challenged the best in the sport and will continue to do so during the 2013/14 season. To keep the momentum going and provide continued development in the area, APTA and Viking sent four platform tennis professionals, Ritush Venugopal, Terry Doran, Scott Falatek and Anton Mavrin, to provide a clinic and exhibition.

It has been five years since APTA last visited Washington. This year, it was scheduled for the first half of November. Lee Adams and Betsy Heidenberger reached out to platform tennis enthusiasts and people interested in the sport to attend free clinics sponsored by the APTA. An unseasonably warm and sunny day welcomed 75 participants, including 15 junior players. The pros shared their knowledge and experience with the participants. In addition to four professionals sent by APTA, two local PPTA-certified professionals, Heidenberger and Calvin LaForrest helped run the clinics.

Each session included an introduction, the mission of the clinics, and the importance of being an APTA member. It was followed by a demonstration of the technique and vital strategies at the net and the baseline. Few people could demonstrate better form at the net then Falatek, whose hands are considered to be some of the best in the paddle community. Doran was adamant about defusing the offense of the opposition, while Venugopal stressed the importance of the shot selection on the backcourt. Mavrin made sure that everyone was familiar with covering two thirds at the net using backhand volleys and let the drives that are shoulder high fly past.

The attendants listened to the professionals, asked questions, and challenged certain formations. Their faces exuded excitement for the sport and for the upcoming season. Unfortunately, it would be impossible to cover every nuance of the sport in a session. Therefore, the next step for the participants is to get out as much as possible and implement the key teachings on regular basis.

Many thanks go to the Chevy Chase Club for hosting the event and Viking for providing equipment.

Chevy Chase Clinic

Chevy Chase Clinic Juniors

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